Friday 13rd

12.30 – 14.00 Registration
14.00 – 18.00 MilanoCORTEmporanea: new venues, new creation, new audience from Milan to the world. Opening session in collaboration with ateatro

Saturday 14th

1o.00 – 10.30 Production #1: Lectio magistralis. Theatre and design: what they have in common?
10.00 – 12.00 Venues #1: new spaces for culture and how they affect the structure of the city
10.00 – 12.00 Audience #1: the spectator of today and what denies access to the new audience
10.00 – 12.00 Production #2: economy of production and value of the art product

12.00 – 13.30 What’s up: presentation of upcoming and new project, looking for partners and collaborations

14.00 – 16.00 Venues #2: culture, free time and the new relationship between audience and cultural venues
14.00 – 16.00 Audience #2: new ways to address and engage the contemporary audience
14.00 – 16.00 Production #2: sustainability of creative production and the role/responsibility of society

16.00 – 16.30 Desk for the internationalizations of the sector: a presentation by C.Re.S.Co.
16.30 – 18.30 IETM On the Road: feedback, discussion and future scenario of international collaboration for Italy after IETMBergamo

Sunday 15th

10.30 – 12.30 Closing session, reports and discussion



Would you like to enjoy some theatre, dance, music, contemporary art and discover what Milan could offer?

Here you find the artistic programme with external links to all the shows: contact us for more information and some tips to help you go through it.


“Utoya” – Teatro Ringhiera Atir – 13/14/15 May
“IT Festival: indipendent companies on stage” – Fabbrica del Vapore – 13/14/15 May
“Cyrano on the moon” – MTM – 13/14/15 May
“Threepenny Opera” – Piccolo Teatro – 13/14/15 May
“Harlequin serve of two masters” – Piccolo Teatro – 13/14/15 May
“Lampedusa Snow” – Lina Prosa, Piccolo Teatro – 13/14/15 May
“Lisistrata” – Teatro Carcano – 13/14/15 May
“1914 – 1918: the war of the last ones” – Teatro della Cooperativa – 13 May
“Improvising” – Teatro della Cooperativa – 15 May
“The cherry orchard” – Elfo Puccini – 13/14/15 May
“Things” – Elfo Puccini – 13/14 May
“The tourist” – Teatro Filodrammatici – 13 May
“The road” – Teatro Franco Parenti – 13/14/15 May
“Lolo’s husband” – Teatro Franco Parenti – 13/14/15 May
“If I marry you, I will be ruined” – Teatro Martinitt – 13/14/15 May
“I did it for my Country” – Teatro Menotti – 13/14/15 May
“Questions to Holy Mary” – Out Off – 13/14/15 May


“Balerhaus” – Teatro della Contraddizione – 14 May

Special projects:

“Festival Cactus: workshop, meetings and show with the high schools of the city” – MTM – 14/15 May

Music and cinema:

“Chaplin Modern Times: live orchestra movie” – Orchestra Verdi – 15 May
“Cinema and art” – CRT & Triennale Exhibition – 13/14 May

Visual Art:

Permanent collection modern art – GAM – 13/14/15
Permanent collection design – Museo del Design – 13/14/15


Fabbrica del Vapore, May 13th – 15th

After touring Lombardy Region for several years, Luoghi Comuni Festival lands to Milan for the first time and with a very special project: Etre closes in May 2016 the long journey started two years ago, when we engaged artists and professionals on the topic of “Regeneration” all around Italy for the dissemination tour of IETMBergamo 2015.

IETMBergamo “Regeneration” represented not only a new way to create a dialogue between Italy and Europe, but also for the Italian sector itself: a different way to work together and to cooperate for a better future. The presence of international guests was inspiring and motivating, a chance to show the best of Italy.

And next?


DISCUSSION: regeneration has started!?

Luoghi Comuni hosts again a space for reflection and exchange of best practice, which will ask our sector to figure out this regenerated future for Italy, following  three guidelines :

  • NEW SPACES FOR CULTURE: the venues in the metropolitan area (but not only) are changing and becoming more and more multidisciplinary. How can a new cultural space change the surrounding area, both for the urban planning and for the community? how does those spaces reunite performing arts, design, food, co working and entertainment, changing the way the audience look at them and at the concept of “culture”?
  • INNOVATIVE WAYS OF PRODUCTION: performing arts suffer from a chronic lack of money, and the Italian situation is even worse because it is mostly subsidized by public fundings. Though design is following the same production chain- selection of the creative talent, research, production, selling of the product – it is able to compete in a very dynamic market without losing its “creative value” and eventually exporting “made in Italy” in the world. What can we learn from other artistic sectors? What does it mean for performing arts to have (or not have anymore) public funds? How may a production evolve from exclusively creative process to social and more complex cultural project?
  • AUDIENCE BEYOND ENGAGEMENT: increasing audience in performing art is an issue that nor their development either engagement have solved yet. Which is the role of new digital media due to this aspect? What kind of barriers (economical, psychological, emotional) does separate today new audience and performing arts? What has to be the role of artists and professionals in this very delicate social transition? Do they pound to the audience or do they guide it?

Following the IETM format, different lines of discussion will crossed at the same time, and different sessions will be organized thanks to the partnership of and C.Re.S.Co.

We have chosen speakers among the best representatives of other disciplines such as design, architecture, economy, marketing, city planning, sociology. They will give us a totally different look at the topics, supported by the views of some IETM international members, who will add their experience in the sector.


VISIT: building network in the city

Milan is a city full of creative energy, which, of course, doesn’t need any extra artistic programme, so we will not propose it. But what about discovering all the possibilities of the city, creating new connections and be surprised by a different perception of what is contemporary art in Milan?

Etre proposes a multidisciplinary programme in collaboration with all the performing arts organizations of the city and together with all the participatory art projects,  which will allow the audience and professionals to create their own map of venues and be inspired by views, street art pieces, gardens and everything they feel as contemporary art in the city.


IETM in Italy: end of the Bergamo journey, beginning of a new path

IETMBergamo has deeply impacted Italy and Associazione Etre. The Italian claim “MiPiace”  (I like it) refers to a frequent idiom in which “Mi” is the abbreviation for the city of Milan; but it makes also a wish for the future, for the positive energy Bergamo has generated, for the connections and projects that started one year ago.

This special format of Luoghi Comuni, presenting again a programme in the “IETM style”, has been requested from both institutions and professionals: it represents the first concrete outcome of IETMBergamo.